Some random photos of the Dawn Service and the Main March on Anzac Day 2021

Lower North Coast Bowls Event

Members and their friends from within the Lower North Coast Sub-Branches continued on from last November’s golf event with a lawn bowls challenge geld at the Taree City Institute Bowling Club on Sunday, 28th March. The Challenge Cup was between the Wingham RSL Sub-Branch and Nabiac RSL Sub-Branch. The much more experienced team from Wingham kept their bowls tight and took the honours for the day in a highly spirited and joyous day on the green. Sports coordinator Arthur Chapman was impressed in the manner to which the day went. Arthur indicated that RSL NSW CEO Jon Black’s initiative to get Sub Branches out and enjoy themselves, whilst networking with other Sub-Branches, can only be a positive in the battle against isolation issues that affect veterans in society. Arthur said that days like today and the previous golf day had put the wheels in motion for more inter-sub-branch activities with RSL NSW jurisdiction. Members are encouraged to invite like-minded friends to these events as it’s not a prerequisite to be a member of any RSL NSW Sub-Branch. Lower North Coast District Council President, Brian Willey, a member of the Wingham winning foursome, acknowledged the day was positive and successful, with some great friendships coming out of the day. A follow up sports challenge will happen in June with a rumour that it will be tenpin bowling.

Ron’s Fundraising Challenge

On behalf of the Wingham RSL Sub Branch and the Wingham RSL Sub Branch Auxiliary

Supporting RSL Life Care

I Will walk 82 Klms within 58 days, around Central Park Wingham NSW 2429
In Memory of the 82 lives lost on HMAS VOYAGER on 10th Feb 1964, 58 years ago.

82 Kilms one for each life lost

58 days for each year since (to mark the 58 anniversary)

I am asking sponsorship as a fund raising through the Wingham RSL Sub Branch Auxiliary

supporting RSL LifeCare

Inviting those who wish to me and those that may wish to join me with their own

Sponsorship in this Challenge to do so.
I will wear Wingham RSL T shirts throughout.

Thank you for your support.

Sport & Rec sessions at the Gym
Getting Fit at Wingham Body Strength Health & Fitness
Ron – runner up in the bocce at Old Bar

Old Bar Sub Branch put on a Sport & Recreation Social Day on the 14th of January. Wingham RSL sub Branch put a team together and went along to participate in their event. A great day was had by all – Ron Irwin was runner up in the Bocce competition – the rest of us didn’t perform so well but we had a great day.